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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Zoology and from Pace University with a Masters of Science in Teaching. He currently teaches Earth Science in a New York public high school.

Video Tutorial – An Introduction to Gradekeeper

Having an organized and easy place to keep all of your grades and attendance has never been easier. Gradekeeper is a easy and inexpensive way to keep your class information digitally. No more papers to lose or grades to calculate.

In the following tutorial I will show you how to set up and use Gradekeeper. If you have any problems or questions please leave a comment below or check the Gradekeeper thread in the forum.

If the tutorial seems too small, use the full screen icon in the player or the download link for a larger view.

Watch on: Revver | Download

Host: Michael Doig
Duration: 16:21

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