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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Zoology and from Pace University with a Masters of Science in Teaching. He currently teaches Earth Science in a New York public high school.

Teaching Resource – Apple Learning Interchange

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I recently stumbled upon the Apple Learning Interchange which is a social network for educators. You can find a wealth of content ranging from simple lesson ideas to in-depth curriculum units for K-12 educators as well as a new channel for Higher Education faculty showcasing campus projects, research and more. Some of the lesson highlights for science teachers include:

  • From Aardvarks to Zebras – In this unit, students will investigate the relationship between man and animal. Based upon their research, students will formulate a position on one or more issues relating to the interaction between man and wild animals and the resulting effects. Students will also develop and present a digital product, which advocates their position.
  • Google Earth: Small World, Your World, Our World – Google Earth has become a quick and easy way for teachers to involve students in active, engaged 21st Century learning. In this lesson, teachers will learn how to use the tools and resources within Google Earth to help teach everything from geography to math.
  • Tails from the Tetons – The mountains, valleys, lakes, river and skies are home to an amazing variety of animal communities. In this EFT, we will focus on the Grand Teton’s intact temperate ecosystems and the animals that inhabit them, including wolves, bears, buffalo, antelope, and many others.
  • Protect. Preserve. Be Proud. – In this project, students working in groups plan, conduct research, and manage a public awareness campaign dedicated to the preservation of a community place. Throughout this project students will develop an awareness of places around them, how it affects them, how they affect it, and how it affects the world by developing and sharing a vision for using that space.

The site is great is great for inspiration. Many of the lessons are well put together and the secondary science section has a wide variety of resources including videos of Jane Goodall, sample activities for global warming and a virtual reality muscle simulator. Really cool stuff.

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