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ScienceBoom Egg in a Bottle Demonstration

This demonstration was filmed at Gateway Education Center during a professional development seminar.

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Milk Bottle (or other bottle with an egg size opening)
Hard Boiled Egg


To get the egg into the bottle you:

  1. Hard boil several eggs for about 12 mins.
  2. Create a tightly wrapped piece of paper that will burn slowly.
  3. Light the paper and drop it into the bottle.
  4. Have an assistant place the egg on the opening.
  5. Watch in amazement!

To get the egg back out you:

  1. Turn the bottle over and shake out any loose matter.
  2. Adjust the egg so it makes a seal with the opening.
  3. Place the bottle over your lips so it seals.
  4. Blow forcefully into the bottle and move it away from your face.
  5. Watch in amazement!


The burning paper causes air inside of the bottle to heat up and expand forcing some of the air out of the bottle. When the egg seals the top of the bottle, the flame goes out and the air on the inside of the bottle begins to cool and contract, which results in less air pressure inside the bottle. The air pressure outside is now greater and this causes the air pressure on the outside of the bottle to push the egg into the bottle.

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