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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Zoology and from Pace University with a Masters of Science in Teaching. He currently teaches Earth Science in a New York public high school.

Science Terms In Modern Media

planning idea
In response to Dan Meyer’s Where is Your List?, I put together this collection of science related animations, movies, and interactive modules. This list features resources I find valuable and have used either in a PowerPoint presentation or as a stand alone example. I still like to keep science real, but sometimes an animation can bring a topic to life in ways a text or lecture can not.
1) Radiation & Conduction
2) Atmospheric Layers
3) Big Bang
4) Plate Tectonics
5) Earth Rotation
6) Sun Motions
7) The Seasons
8) Pangaea Breakup
9) Polar Sea Ice Melting
10) Lunar Landing
11) Making a Topographic Profile
12) Convection Currents
13) Density
14) Seismic Waves
15) Volcano animation: Mt. Kilauea
16) Minerals
17) The Rock Cycle
18) The Water Cycle
19) Land Slide
20) Flash Flood
21) Braided Stream
22) Soil Horizons
23) Half-Life
24) El Niño/ La Niña
25) Global Warming
26) Phases of the Moon
27) Tides
28) Orbital Eccentricity
29) Periodic Table (Thanks Todd)
30) Sun Dial (Thanks A. Mercer)

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