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Free Howard Hughes Medical Institute Educational DVDs

Free Howard Hughes Medical Institute Educational DVDs – The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers a selection of Educational DVDs for free with free shipping. DVDs are available on such topics as evolution (Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads pictured), diseases, biodiversity, the human brain, and more.

A Matter of Gravity: Developing Space-Based Experiments

A Matter of Gravity: Developing Space-Based Experiments (via NYTimes) – A full lesson developed to teach students about a new contest seeking student science experiments to be conducted on the International Space Station.

Resources and Materials for Science Education

The NYC Department of Education – presents a comprehensive listing or new resources and materials for science education in your classroom. Resources expand to include student opportunities as well.

New York High School Regents Scope and Sequence Updated

New York state has updated the Scope and Sequence for high school science classes. The updated document is still labeled as a draft, but there are lots of improvements over the older version. Most noticeably, they went with a spiffy blue color scheme. The year is now broken up into two terms, with each term […]

5 Ideas for First Day Ice Breakers

Meeting a new class can be both intimidating and exciting. Icebreakers are a good way to get students active and participating early. Here are 5 ways you can start your classes off on the right foot. Two Truths and a Lie For this icebreaker you will pass out 3×5 cards to everyone and ask them […]

Space Ship – a Cooperative Group Activity

Group activities that truly engage students are hard to come by. This lesson is one of those activities. Space ship takes a look at rebuilding human civilization. What if the world was coming to an end? Who should we choose to continue the human race? Students are taken on a thought provoking journey to a […]

Science Terms In Modern Media

This list provides examples of literary terms, primarily in videos and images, though there are a few written texts here for now. … Hopefully this helps define, work with, teach, and learn these terms. 1) Radiation & Conduction 2) Atmospheric Layers 3) Big Bang 4) Plate Tectonics

Free eBook 101 Science Misconceptions

I want to tell you about a free eBook I’m giving away to my RSS subscribers as part of a site re-launch. I’ve been working hard over the past few months on this book and creating several new ScienceBoom episodes. The book contains 101 science misconceptions along with some great illustrations done by Ramsey Ess. […]

Teaching Resource – Apple Learning Interchange

I recently stumbled upon the Apple Learning Interchange which is a social network for educators. You can find a wealth of content ranging from simple lesson ideas to in-depth curriculum units for K-12 educators as well as a new channel for Higher Education faculty showcasing campus projects, research and more. Some of the lesson highlights […]