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A Matter of Gravity: Developing Space-Based Experiments

A Matter of Gravity: Developing Space-Based Experiments (via NYTimes) – A full lesson developed to teach students about a new contest seeking student science experiments to be conducted on the International Space Station.

NPP: Improving U.S. weather forecast accuracy from space

NPP: Improving U.S. weather forecast accuracy from space – The launch of a new polar-orbiting environmental satellite enables NOAA to continue issuing accurate forecasts and provide advance warning for severe weather.

To The Moon (Time-Life Records)

To The Moon (Time-Life Records) – Original photography scanned from the breathtakingly beautiful ‘To The Moon’ (Time-Life 1969) an audio and visual chronology that documents NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects.

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New Images of Mercury Taken by Spacecraft

When Mariner 10 flew past Mercury three times in 1974 and 1975, the probe imaged less than half the planet. In January, during MESSENGER’s first flyby, its cameras returned images of about 20 percent of the planet’s surface missed by Mariner 10. Yesterday, at 4:40 am EDT, MESSENGER successfully completed its second flyby of Mercury, […]

Have You Ever Dreamt of Going Into Space?

Since the beginning of the Space Age, 50 years ago, students have been told that if they studied math and science, they could grow up to become astronauts and go into space. Unfortunately, that was a false promise. Even at the height of the Shuttle program, a student had a better chance of becoming an […]

Space Ship – a Cooperative Group Activity

Group activities that truly engage students are hard to come by. This lesson is one of those activities. Space ship takes a look at rebuilding human civilization. What if the world was coming to an end? Who should we choose to continue the human race? Students are taken on a thought provoking journey to a […]