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Free Howard Hughes Medical Institute Educational DVDs

Free Howard Hughes Medical Institute Educational DVDs – The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers a selection of Educational DVDs for free with free shipping. DVDs are available on such topics as evolution (Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads pictured), diseases, biodiversity, the human brain, and more.

Slow motion water drops

Slow motion water drops – When you shoot video of water drops falling into a puddle in super slow motion, it turns out that they bounce in really interesting ways.

Rockslide Caught on Tape

Rockslide Caught on Tape – News crew captured a major rock slide in Polk County, Tennessee. Great video for discussing weathering, erosion and our changing planet.

Fun Can Change Behavior

Fun Can Change Behavior – The Fun Theory is a Swedish initiative that wants people to share ways fun can make things better. Perhaps all we need is more fun in our lessons.

ScienceBoom Episode #5 – Barometric Pressure and Temperature

Barometric pressure is responsible for much of our weather. In this episode, I travel to Hawaii so we can explore the relationship between barometric pressure and temperature. Host: Michael Doig Duration: 4:11 Materials Can of Compressed AIr – Can be purchased at any office supply store for around $6. Raytek MT4 Mini Infrared Thermometer – […]

Science & The Arts Fall 2009 Events

Science & The Arts Fall 2009 Events – Reykjavik, Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through M.I.T’s Male Math Maze, Science Film Shorts, The Theory of Everything, DJ Spooky and the Science of Terra Nova

The Anatomy of a Do Now

Starting your lesson with a Do Now is good practice. It sets the tone for the class, gets students settled in (because they have to do it now), and ideally makes them think. A Do Now is a question or quote that either reviews or introduces a topic to students. But what constitutes a good […]

MIT OpenCourseWare – Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics

MIT OpenCourseWare Video and activities that introduce students to the physics that govern the circulation of the ocean and atmosphere. College level, but easily modified.

Web 2.0 Professional Development Notes & Slides

I want to thank everyone for participating in the Using Web 2.0 tools and Technology Media Tools to Enhance Instruction Professional Development. I learned a lot and enjoyed working with you all. Below you will find a .zip file with all of the PowerPoint slides, handouts and video tutorials inside. You will need to use […]

Upcoming Science Events – Week of 10/06/2008

Robotic Music with Heart If there was ever a type of musical expression that needed to be combined with robots, it’s beatboxing. At their October performance, you’ll see human beatbox Adam Matta laying down beats for the ‘bots of LEMUR, as well as Ethan Ham and his instrument that replicates vocal input with slide whistles. […]